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Cameron made a monumental error on devo-super-max

A little late to be posting this now that the referendum on Scottish Independence is done and dusted? Well the dust hasn’t quite settled has it, with the West Lothian question now on the table and Alex Salmond crying ‘foul’. Scottish independence referendum: Cameron made a monumental error on devo-super-max | City A.M.. via Scottish […]

Civil service job document attacked by minister

An interesting case study in the conflicts that result when two elements of an unwritten common law constitution find themselves at odds. Compounded further by the expectations of a public and a commentariat who perhaps don’t know as much about our system of government as they should. Civil service job document attacked by minister | […]

Prince Charles intends to continue campaigning when he becomes King

I’ve supported Chuck’s right to speak out on issues that concern him before, but that was on the understanding that he would respect constitutional conventions and shut up once he gained the throne. I support the constitutional monarchy (I believe it has evolved into a curiously effective and stable system for which embedding inherited wealth […]

“Religious Segregation Must End”

Another superb, rational post from The Political Idealist on the state funding of faith schools in the context of the “Trojan Horse” furore. I have long argued that the sate should have no business funding religious or faith-based schools. That is not to say such schools should not exist, but they should be privately funded. Indeed, […]

“Brits believe in standing up for people who work for us: so why do the special advisers resign, not the ministers?”

I’ve often wondered the same thing. At a time when you can barely turn on the news or read a paper (or blog) without seeing the phrase “British values”, maybe we should ask if our political class holds the same values as the rest of us at all. Brits believe in standing up for people […]

“Scots are not morally superior”

As a Scottophile Anglo-Australian living in London, I find the looming referendum on Scottish independence a tad sad. I don’t want to see the UK broken up. I also find the clash of soulless technocratic negativity (“Better Together”) and sentimental wishful-thinking (“Together we can make Scotland better”) deeply frustrating. The SNP attempt to claim the moral high ground is […]

Essay: Is Parliament irrelevant?

Originally posted on The Political Idealist:
Although the UK Parliament faces increasing external competition in fulfilling its various roles and functions, recent constitutional reforms and political events have, in fact, enhanced its powers and importance. But to answer the question, we must also ask: what is Parliament relevant (or irrelevant) to? Parliament is the body…

“Australians have given up on the republican dream. I blame Kate Middleton”

This article in The Guardian by Bridie Jabour is written in a partly tongue-in-cheek manner, and isn’t claiming to be an in-depth analysis of republican sentiment Down Under. But allowing for that, she fails to touch on the most significant point. In my view, one of the most obvious reasons for the persistence of the constitutional monarchy […]

Pro-Margaret Thatcher article by two senior civil servants angers MPs

A difficult one… but no matter how the article is positioned, this is probably something these gentlemen should have left until they retired… Pro-Margaret Thatcher article by two senior civil servants angers MPs | Politics |

Since When Did False Modesty Equal Democracy?

So I’ve been on holiday over the Christmas and New Year period, and when I got back to sunny London I hit the usual work backlog. This is my feeble excuse for not blogging for over six weeks. More dedicated bloggers use their tablets or phones to post updates but I’m afraid I haven’t reached […]