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Political Idealist: “Goodbye, But Not Farewell”

So sad! But glad to hear it is only a hiatus. Had to edit this post as it looked like it was me saying goodbye! Which is not far from the truth but a little premature. More of that later. Advertisements

A Matter Of Faith

In my blogging, I have often written on subjects or re-blogged articles concerned with religion. In GibberLog, I might be interested in how religion interacts with politics and policy on such matters as education. In BlatherLog, the concern will be the role of religion in history, or its engagement with the sphere of science (often again touching on how […]

Britain is a ‘post-Christian’ country says former Archbishop

This piece hit the headlines a few weeks ago and I’ve been mulling it over ever since. My ‘knee-jerk’ reaction to it has flipped from one end of the spectrum to the other, depending on what side of the bed I got up on that morning. There’s a more considered post in the works but I don’t […]

It’s the Government, Stupid

Originally posted on The Political Idealist:
British politicians are addicted to privatisation. When Margaret Thatcher began her project of hacking away at the public sector, she justified it on the grounds that the state monopolies were bloated and inefficient. She was right insofar as any monopoly is prone to inefficiency without the forces of competition…

Essay: Is Parliament irrelevant?

Originally posted on The Political Idealist:
Although the UK Parliament faces increasing external competition in fulfilling its various roles and functions, recent constitutional reforms and political events have, in fact, enhanced its powers and importance. But to answer the question, we must also ask: what is Parliament relevant (or irrelevant) to? Parliament is the body…

Invitation to Buy American Politic$

Originally posted on The Political Idealist:
American political parties burn through campaign funds at an astounding rate. A nuclear arms race of rallies, aircraft and (above all) advertising between Republicans and Democrats and their associated political action committees has turned election campaigns into a multibillion dollar business. All that money has to come from somewhere,…

G’day cobbers!

Greeting, billions of people who are not reading this (which is the fate of all first blog entries belonging to non-famous / non-expert people who are too shy to tell their mates they have written a blog).  I have decided to jump on this particular bandwagon to give myself somewhere to air my views on current affairs. Being based […]