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We Asked A Leading Political Theorist To Analyse Russell Brand’s Manifesto And He Wasn’t Impressed

Some people think I’m being to harsh on Russell (not that I’m the only one). He’s a clever guy, occasionally quite funny, and his heart is in the right place – it is hard not to empathise with his sense of frustration. Also, I don’t agree with those who criticise his anarchist leanings simply because […]

Hacking Saga Gets Weird

The latest in the phone hacking saga is so ridiculous, you couldn’t make it up. Titan-tressed Witch Queen Rebekah Brooks is found ‘not guilty’ over charges relating to the tawdry affair, while her former News Corp colleague and former lover Andy Coulson is found ‘guilty’. Well, I didn’t have the privilege of sitting through eight […]

“UKIP Just Isn’t Racist”

Originally posted on The Political Idealist:
When the Tea Party emerged in the US, it posed a threat to the political establishment. Not because it stood a ‘whelk’s chance in a supernova’ of winning control the White House, despite the partiality of much of the American public to underfunded public services and rabid social conservatism,…

The MP portraits ‘scandal’ shows how irrational Britain’s hatred has become

The MP portraits \’scandal\’ shows how irrational Britain\’s hatred has become | Jonathan Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian. via The MP portraits ‘scandal’ shows how irrational Britain’s hatred has become | Jonathan Jones | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Jeremy Paxman is as much ‘stuck in’ politics as you or I, Nick Clegg

A withering comment on the arrogant, insular world of Westminster politics, in response to Nick Clegg more-or-less labeling Jeremy Paxman a parasite. Jeremy Paxman is as much \’stuck in\’ politics as you or I, Nick Clegg | Marina Hyde | Comment is free | The Guardian.

The Pot Calls the Kettle Black

The public squabbling over executive pay-offs at the BBC is rather curious. For those unfamiliar with the situation, in a nutshell the former Director General of the BBC, Mark Thompson, is accused of gross mismanagement during his tenure by paying departing executives redundancy packages considerably in excess of what they were contractually entitled to. The […]

Revealed: How US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security

WORLD SHOCKED BY STUNNING REVELATION: SPY AGENCIES SPY!!! Revealed: how US and UK spy agencies defeat internet privacy and security | World news | Guardian Weekly.

Black Spider Memos II: Letters to remain private, court rules

The story rolls on… Prince Charless letters to ministers to remain private, court rules | UK news |  

Australian PM Julia Gillard asked by radio station if her partner is gay

I visit my home town of Perth, Western Australia, ever year or so. I never cease to be depressed by the appallingly grubby, unintelligent, lowest-common-denominator quality of the political discourse there and in Australia generally (but especially in the west, which has a particularly strong redneck element posing as “populist”). As Prime Minister, Julia Gillard […]

Check your privilege! Whatever that means

Hadley Freeman is an amusing and insightful writer, though she can occasionally spout b*ll*cks (as can I). Regardless, read this piece on the phrase “check your privilege” and the slow-burning social media cat fight it is fueling. To “check your privilege” is a referral to identity politics. In essence it means that a commentator should […]